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Free Download Tekken 3 For Pc Full Version

Every fighting game this year will be compared to the champion of all fighting games-Tekken 3. Now that we’ve seen what Tekken 3 can do, the question is: What can surpass it?

Tekken 3 is without a doubt the fastest, deepest, most intricate fighting game we’ve seen for the PlayStation. In order to outshine Tekken 3, a game will need to have a ton of moves (T3 has over 100 per character), multi-hit combos (all T3 fighters can pull off 10-hitters), outstanding graphics (T3 has no breakup on the fighters, no “blind spots” where clipping occurs, and no slowdown), and seamless gameplay that includes juggles, counters, and linking moves.

So far, nothing comes close. First off, Tekken 3 has such a vast array of special and regular moves that it’s impossible to pull them all off in a single match. You could play through the entire game as one character and still not see all they have to offer. To augment T3′s replayability, Namco threw in some exciting extras not found in the arcade version, like theTekken Force mode, the Beach Ball mode, and an extensive and truly helpful Practice mode.
1. Unpack.
2. Run the “Tekken.reg” file
3. Double click ePSXe.exe>config>video>set D3D renderer 1.11(example)>ok
4. Run Tekken.bat or Tekken.exe.
5. Black screen comes Wait few seconds or click V button until the game start.
6. Play the game.Enjoy!!!


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