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Counter Strike 1.6 Game for free (Direct download)

Counter Strike 1.6 Game for free (Direct download)

Counter Strike is incredibly simple and realistic game and this may be the key of its success. It is a FPS game in which two teams face off, a terrorist and other counter terrorism clashes occur in different maps, with a specific goal for each side.

You can choose a team that will stand between “good guys” and “bandits”. The teams face off in a map in a series of rounds. Beats round the team to complete their objective or eliminate all opposition. The arsenal is extensive, with weapons ranging from pistols to machine guns and grenades.

In each round you can carry a primary weapon, secondary and a few grenades. Each weapon has a specific price and you earn money as the game progresses.

Primary weapons: they include long-barreled weapons (powerful at close range, but slow-loading), sub (faster and a lot of shots without having to load are the most used), rifles (both accuracy for headshots as sequential) and the machine gun, also known as Rambo (extremely heavy, with excellent long-distance shots and comb 100 bullets).

A highlight of the category is the MP5 Navy, great gun for beginners. She has a good fire power and is accurate, ideal for those who are learning to shoot. Players with more experience love the M4A1 and AK-47.

Secondary weapons: are the handguns that can save your life in a firefight in which you run out of ammo for primary weapon.


Depending on the map, teams have to perform a specific task. They can be a bomb, hostage, or murder. In maps of bomb, the terrorists must plant one in one of two specific locations, while counter terrorism must disarm it.

On hostage maps, the team should keep a terrorist group of people in captivity, while counter terrorism must rescue them to an area. Only one map is in this way. Here, a specific target to be eliminated by the terrorists and counter terrorist protected.


Counter-Strike Clashes are set in realistic scenarios, each with a defined objective. The two letters before the name of a map indicating the type of goal. “AS” indicates Assassination (murder), “CS” indicates hostages and “A” indicates maps disarming bomb.


You can use the following link to download counter strike for free:

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Full Version (provided by softpedia)

Play Counter Strike 1.6 Online for free

Note: This game is a full version, and is free provided by the Softpedia Inc.

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