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Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is the 3rd edition of the Commandos series of games, one of the few games have a long history of development and have high impact in the market for computer games. In some ways, its effects are not worse than what Tom Raider or WarCraft, and that is why this game is no stranger to gaming. However, it should remind a little about this game for those who do not have a chance to play through the previous version.

The game is made by Pyro Studios (Spain) and the company Eidos released, in the form of real-time strategy with the topic is World War 2, focusing on the role of commando soldiers. Elite military force, but not much volume is equipped with "take that", has played no small role in bringing about the glorious victory of the Allies as well as humanity in the war against Nazi Germany . Unfortunately due to the requirements of professional achievements, their victories å always kept secret, so most of their contributions are less known or even forgotten!

The plot of Commandos 3 (C3) began in August 1942 at Stalingrad, at the eastern front of the city, where the meeting is important for information exchange between the Soviet military leaders City with General Franklin O'Donnell of Allied soldiers. Contents of the meeting could change the landscape of war, so the German army had allocated a large military elite in here to destroy the meeting as well as generals assassinated. You, as snipers of commandos to find and account for the lower - the sniper marksmanship of the German army - before they kill Soviet soldiers on duty realm. Try to find them before it's too late, otherwise you will fail completely.

We can say, with C3, we can "smell" the smell of gunpowder of the film "Enemy at the Gate" (Enemy at the gate), tells of a confrontation between him choking sniper soldier of the Soviet Red Army and officer training school teachers Nazi sniper.

Throughout the game you will be guided through 12 screens (including screen instructions in the game) in the third campaign with the famous, the scene of fierce battles and can be seen as the point milestone changed the face of World War 2, Allied troops from the main switch to the counterattack: Stalingrad, Europe and Normandy. You will see the diversity of the scene is shown through each task, å unfortunately the game has only one resolution is only 800x600. C3 combination of 2D technology of previous versions (you can only turn in 4-dimensional map is predetermined) and 3D images for indoor scenes, helps you turn angle (up to 360) upon more profitable.

Minimum system requirements:

Ram: 128MB
Graphic card:
Graphic card memory: 128MB
Operating system(s): xp/Vista
Hard disk space: 2000MB
Recommended system requirements:
Ram: 512MB
Graphic card:
Graphic card memory: 256MB

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